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Fragrance Bottles

Awaken your senses with an aroma that suits you and is your choice! We offer a range of fragrances to suit your fancy.

Walk into your own space knowing that you chose your own scent and bask in the enjoyment of your long lasting choice of fragrance!

Pick A Fragrance


We know the stressful nature of an After-Party Cleanup.  The tiredness that comes after entertaining is a pain for anyone!


We at Neatly are here for you! We will return your home to it's pre-party glory with extra shimmer and shine!

Starting Cost:  $60.00

After Party Cleaning


At Neatly, we pride ourselves on being versatile.  We have handymen available for any of your small projects! 


Need a television placed on your wall?  Do you need cupboard knobs put in?  Something as simple as mounting an additional bathroom shelf. 


Any small odd jobs that are a menace to do, Neatly will also take care of you!

Cost:  TBD

Handyman Services

Eco Green Cleaner

Let us take care of your sanctuary by giving you a clean, stress-free environment without the hassle.


We will take care of the mess while you enjoy your home in peace and tranquility.

EPA Approved Brands

ECO-Friendly Cleaning

White House with Bush

YES!  We will take care of your guests when they Move In and Move Out!  Not everyone is present at their properties and we know the need to return it to its pristine look for your next guest.

We at Neatly Professionals will give you that peace of mind.  The linens will be cleaned, floors vacuumed and refreshed and all will be ready for the future guests.

Starting Cost:  $60.00

Airbnb Maintenance


Surprise!  Our handy-men do not only take care of all of your  fixer-uppers, they also build custom furniture!  From dressers to headboards or a simple shelf, our handy men can get your home customized to your liking!

Brand new  and re-furbished furniture services will be available to our Neatly customers.

Neatly Craftsmanship

Moving Boxes

Moving can be such a pain. Let us help to relieve the pressures of moving by ensuring that the apartment is clean and move-in ready for the next person. 


This is a money saver as you may lose your deposit if the apartment is not up to the clean standard that you met it in.


We at NEATLY are here to serve you by making your life easier by saving you money! 

Starting Cost: $60.00

Apartment Move- In/ Move- Out Cleaning

Mover Packing

This service was added on because we listened to you and realize that it was a terrific addition!  The process of moving has always been an emotional and a physical strain.  Let our Neatly Professionals handle that physical part for you.  We are pros at packing, unpacking, labeling and ensuring you have an easy transition. 

Starting Cost:  $75.00/hr (2 Packers)

Packing and/or Unpacking for movers

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